Carpet Cleaning Richmond

profesisonal carpet cleanersThe carpet is one of the most affordable and effective decorations to improve the interior of your home. A good and clean carpet will benefit for a more welcoming atmosphere. However, carpets are constantly exposed to dust, grime, dust mites, allergens and bacteria and it is very important to have it properly cleaned once in a while. Most people think that vacuuming their carpet is enough, but vacuuming just cleans the carpet’s surface.

The bacteria can easily get to the deep fibers of the carpet and the only way to remove it from there, is to call our professional carpet cleaners in Richmond, London. Having your carpet professionally cleaned will greatly extend its life, improve its looks and hygiene.

Carpet Cleaning Service

  • Hallway/ landing carpetfrom £4
  • Bedroom carpetfrom £23
  • Living/ dining room carpetfrom £25
Minimum charge is £48

Cleaning companies prefer different carpet cleaning methods, but our teams use the most effective and safe one – steam cleaning. The hot steam easily penetrates the carpet and flushes out almost all of the dust, bacteria and grime, without using strong chemicals. The alternative carpet cleaning methods are also relatively effective, but most of them can’t handle tough stains and may leave your carpet half-clean. Our team is provided with the best steam cleaning machines available and they use a 8-step method which will flush out all grime from the carpet.
The 8 stages:

  • Spots and stains are treated with a powerful cleaning detergent
  • The entire carpet is sprayed with a natural shampoo
  • The carpet is gently massaged so that the shampoo can reach the deepest the fibers
  • The powerful steam cleaning machine is ran on the carpet
  • Excess moisture is extracted
  • Our team will apply a special deodorizer
  • The carpet is groomed so that it restores its original condition

The process is pretty simple, but we assure you that the effect will be much greater than plain vacuuming. The 8-step technique certainly gets rid of dust, bacteria, stains, unpleasant odors and allergens in your carpet. In most cases our team will finish the job in 1-2 hours, but if the carpet is really big or it is heavily stained, they might need more time to complete the job.